“By 2022, Shri Agrasen Vidyalaya will strive to inculcate moral values in the students to make them responsible and active human being of India.”
The ideology of the institution is to preserve with sanctity the God given gifts, the sense of wonder and curiosity that exist in the exist in the child. At the same time the institution aims to develop in the students a sense idealism, kindness, justice and appreciation of beauty, music and the better things of life leading to spontaneous self discipline and serenity of spirit. Practicing these ideas has resulted into a cordial relationship between the teacher and the taught so much so that they consider the school as their second home. This we feel is a unique achievement to be proud of. We provide high quality education along with physical, social and moral development of the students.
“A child’s bill of rights ”
Let me grow as I be And try to understand why I Want to grow like me, Not like my mom wants me to be, Nor like my dad hopes I’ ll be, Or my teacher thinks I should be Please try to understand and help me grow just like me!

The school strives in preparing students to comprehend,contribute to and succeed in a rapidly changing society using modern technology and vision. In future it will be an unsurpassed intellectual and creative institution for effective teaching.