“By 2022, Shri Agrasen Vidyalaya will strive to inculcate moral values in the students to make them responsible and active human being of India.”


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Guidelines for Students to comply
  1. Be modest & respect all your elders.
  2. Considering school to be the second home, take care of its belongings.
  3. Be friendly with all the students.
  4. Always speak the truth.
  1. Students should be regular and punctual in school. Students are supposed to have breakfast in the morning before they come to school.
  2. Students shall not be permitted to leave the school before school hours. The request may be entertained by the Principal only in case of an emergency.
  3. No books (other than text books or library books) Magazines, Comics, Periodicals etc. should be brought to the school without the approval of the Principal.
  4. No exemption shall be granted from compulsory games and other co-curricular activities without medical certificate.
  5. A student suffering from any contagious disease should not be sent to the school, until the student is completely free from infection.
  6. First aid treatment will be given to students in case of an emergency or accident during school hours. If required they will be taken to the nearest hospital. Parents will be informed immediately.
  7. Blue ink pen is allowed from class III onwards.
  8. Students are not allowed to wear jewellery or carry money or valuables, mobile phones etc. to school. In case of any loss, school will not be held responsible for the same. No wrist watch is allowed for the children up to class V. Others may wear it at their own risk.
  9. Students are strictly prohibited from eating chewing gum, tobacco products , smoking or consuming any kind of drug. Any case of violation of the rule may result in the expulsion of the student from the school.
  10. Movement of the students should be noiseless. Running around the corridors is not allowed.
  11. Discipline, decency and decorum should be maintained by each student while talking to the Principal, teachers, guests and classmates.
  12. No student is allowed to bring personal equipment for games unless permitted by the teachers. Games will be played only in the play ground. In the absence of games teacher, the class monitor is responsible for maintaining silence and order in the class room.
  13. When the students leave the class room, all the lights and fans must be switched off, waste papers should be thrown into the dust-bin only.
  14. Private tuition are strictly prohibited except in very special cases, after obtaining written permission from the Principal.
  15. Each student must come to school well dressed. The uniform should be washed & ironed properly. The shoes should be polished. Proper hair cut must be there. Low-waist & narrow bottom trousers are not allowed. Girls up to class X must tie two plaits. Students attending school in incomplete uniform shall not be allowed to attend the class. They should wear their uniform on their birthday also.
  16. Students shall be allowed to enter the school premises only when they are in proper school uniform even if they have not come to attend the school.
  17. When the students are on a school trip or on an excursion or in any public place, they must conduct themselves in a decent and polite manner.
  18. During the library period, students are obliged to stay in the library, reading books/ periodicals under the supervision of the librarian.
  19. Students are excepted not to damage or lose any book issued to them, failing which they have to reimburse the cost.
  20. Cycles and bike should be kept locked in an orderly manner. Children are not allowed to go to the parking area until the departure time. The students who come by bikes or scooters will have to submit a photocopy of their licence to their class teachers in the beginning of the session. Only the student of class XI and XII are allowed to come to school by petrol driven non-geared wheeler.
  21. School reserves the right to dismiss the students whose conduct is harmful to other associates.
  22. Students shall bring their text books and notebooks to school according to their class time table. It is compulsory to bring this hand book daily.
  23. In the absence of a teacher, the first monitor of the class is responsible for maintaining silence and order in the class room particularly in the beginning of each period. The second monitor should report to the Principal.
  24. In order to maintain general discipline and cleanness of the school premises, acts of stealing or damaging the other student’s belonging or school property, spilling ink, littering, scribbling on school desks and walls are liable to serve disciplinary action.
  25. Students should strictly follow prescribed school timings.
  26. Everyday students must respectfully wish the teachers when they see them first.
  27. All students should take part in the assembly without fail. After the assembly, students should march silently to their respective classes.
  28. Students should maintain strict discipline inside as well as should the class rooms.
  29. Bullying in the form of hits, kicks, pushes, threatening, teasing, beating and any other kind of harassment is not allowed in the school.
  30. At the time of roll call, the students should stand-up and say yes Sir/yes Madam.
  31. Seeing any teacher or elderly persons enter the class room, the students should stand-up and wish them, the students will sit-down only when he/she asks them to do so.
  32. Without permission or direction from the teacher, nobody should enter the class rooms.
  1. 75% Attendance is compulsory.
  2. Long leave must be applied for, by the parents personally one-day in advance.
  3. Application for sick leave will not be granted for more than 3 days at a time. The application must be reviewed after three days. Besides, a medical certificate shall have to be produced.
  4. No leave will be granted on test and examination days except for any serious reason and in such case, parents have to come personally and get it sanctioned.
  5. If a student remains absent continuously for fifteen days without permission, his or her name is likely to be struck off the rolls and re-admission will be given at the decision of the Principal as per the rules.