“By 2022, Shri Agrasen Vidyalaya will strive to inculcate moral values in the students to make them responsible and active human being of India.”


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Shri Agrasen Vidyalaya aims at team work and cooperation. As learning is a continuous process, everyone should be given equal chance to learn irrespective of one’s prudence. We provide edge to one’s intelligence to explore & to reinforce the latent talents.

In our view every child is gifted with unique caliber which may remain hidden or prominent . We are resolute to transform a child into a sensible, active and clear sighted citizen of the society.

We strongly believe that life is not a race so we must not concentrate only on career and academic achievements as the world offers in numerous possibilities.

Actually life is basket of assorted fruits and each fruit has its own importance, taste and flavor to balance our life. Just like that one’s life should be a perfect blending of health, relationship, mental peace & establishment.

We are here to give a child irrespective of his/her intelligence a very congenial and symbiotic environment to grow into a big, green and shade full tree whose canopy may give comfort & satisfaction to others.

We do not believe in promoting success at any cost rather we teach to confront and accept life as it comes. We try to channelize expertise with implanting resilience and compatibility to develop positive attitude in students towards life.

In this world of neck to neck and even cut throat competition when people are tarnishing values and morality to achieve success, there is a need to establish a new definition of it which may not be opined by others and should not be explained in the terms of money & status in the society. Rather it should be a matter of one’s own satisfaction, elation and establishment.

So the students should be guided to enjoy life as a once given bliss. If one doesn’t get the expected at one chance, try for the next & accept the offered one. I want to advocate that one should have patience and an ardent desire to chase excellence as success has different synonyms.

We take pride in maintaining a very friendly and supportive atmosphere for both the teacher and the students. That’s why our students cherish memories even long after they leave school. They appreciate every step of the teachers of balancing the child’s knowledge impartially by introducing new techniques irrespective of their previous knowledge.

Our school has added several feathers of such kind to its cap and we assure parents of each and every student from class Nursery To XII that their priceless gems will be in the hands of caring, loving and empathetic teachers.